Our home in Mwandi, Zambia for the past 10 days – a tour with Zara and Vivi

Join us on a video tour of the Home for AIDS Orphans in Mwandi, Zambia – our home for the past 10 days.

We were surprisingly comfortable and extremely well fed with Western style meals (think pasta, sandwiches, PB&J as back up). So much so, that finally – tonight our last night – I requested a Zambian meal!

Finally, Zambia “nshima” cornmeal porridge that you dip into veggies or meats and spicy sauce

First: our cute, messy cabin:

A sideways upside down video, because my kids can’t follow directions re holding the iPhone sideways when filming videos. Their vlog career may have stopped and started in one fell swoop…

The kitchen and dining area where we eat our meals, drink tea and play games in the evening.

Our dining hall/kitchen

A walk about the property with Zara and Vivi:


Chips the guard dog. Her guard dog brother is Ketchup. Great names!!

This is how the hot water for our shower get heated. Fire!

The campfire spot where volunteers gather at dusk for beers or water or just a good chat

Thanks to Rotary Clubs & Rotarians worldwide for the water & septic system here!

The red entry gate from the “street” – aka dirt path

The small central garden

All in all we were quite comfortable.
Daily schedule:
  • 7:30-8am breakfast
  • 8am – 12noon: volunteer building homes or teaching at preschool
  • 12-2pm: lunch and rest
  • 2-4pm: second volunteer work shift
  • 4-6pm: freetime (we’d wander into town)
  • 6pm: dinner
  • Bedtime: sometimes as early at 8pm. We were tired!!!
Though other nights we would play cards or games with the other volunteers, or braid hair, watch movies on our iPhones til late…

Hair braiding!

These Topol bnai mitzvah cards have traveled the world with us! We bring them on every trip! (Though we now have the Ryan Kulp ones with us too!!)

Celebrity, UK-style


Heads up!

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