Hi! I’m Shelley.

I’m a:

Crazy Traveler. Crazy Mom.

Crazy ENFP.  Crazy Experience Seeker.

I’m crazily trying to squeeze in adventure and fun where I can, when I can – on my own, or with my husband & kids.

I don’t let “life” or “adulting” slow me down from travel. I don’t let being married or being a mom break me from my wanderlust. I still grab my backpack and go, solo when I need to. I’m a fan of tacking on a few days of adventure to a random business trip, and of sending my kids to sleepaway camp each summer so I can have a “mommy camp” of travel.

I may have traded my backpack for a rollerbag (better for the back), but I still sleep at hostels, take public transportation, and travel the backpacker way.

Read about my adventures and misadventures traveling alone and traveling with my kids.